Rescue Mission 2000 is a non-governmental and non-profit organization registered under ONLUS, and its international quarters is based in Reggio-Emilia in Italy.


Rescue Mission 2000 is a non-governmental and non-profit organization registered under ONLUS, and its international quarters is based in Reggio-Emilia in Italy.

The Mission which was born barely 3 years ago has achieved success in the area of providing equal opportunities for the under-privileged in the society. Among the numerous achievements of the Rescue Mission is an outstanding ability to reach the rural areas where there is a high rate of poverty in Ghana (chosen as a pilot study in Africa) with food items, clothing and educational materials. The mission has sent food items like tins and bottled tomatoes, spaghetti, biscuits, beverages, and used clothing as well as school books and bags to the Becheam area in Ghana.

The items were in respond of the Rescue Mission project to help the orphanage, the poor the needy the afflicted and the widows in that region. The items which was sent from the Missions headquarters in Italy, Reggio-Emilia to be precise worth over €10,000.00 (about 100,000,000.00 Ghana cedis) was received by the chief of the town Nana Gyeabour Akoto from the representatives of the mission in Ghana Evang. Ebenezer Acquah who is the vice president in Ghana and Deacon Joe a member of the association. The chief of the town Nana Gyeabour Akoto thank the mission for their inmense contribution to the region and prayed that the mission will continue its offer to the region. He therefore, as his contribution to elevate poverty and illitracy from the region donated a vast land of 14acres to the association for the building of an orphanage home, a hospital, a school complex and a recretional centre for the orhanage. See pictures of the Misson land on future project.

The chief of the town Nana Gyeabour Akoto praised the Rescue Mission on her kind gesture and called on other association to emulate their example. Nana Gyeabour also pleaded with the Mission to come back again to help the town and its surrounding villages in their predicament. It is not only Becheam that has benefited from Rescue Mission aid. The Mission has also dispatched food items and beverages also to a hospital in a rural area of Ghana called Dwase, to help elevate the suffering of the patients at this hospital. The items worth millions of Ghana cedis was received by the chief and representatives of the hospital in the town from the representative of Rescue Mission known as Dorcas Amoah who is resident in Italy.

Botswana a country near South Africa has also received aid from the Mission to help the poor. A set of food item like spaghetti, tomatoes, and boxes of biscuits has been sent by the association to a small area called Tloweng to help the poor and the needy. During his three complete years of operation the mission has also helped a lot of people who were mostly prostitutes on the road in its area of operation. The women who could help in rebuilding of a nation were found on the streets of some cities of Italy and the mission has gone to their aid to stop them from practicing this evil but old profession in the world. These people, 21 in number over a period of 3years are now gainfully employed by companies in this region.

The mission has also help bring some people who were drug addicts from the streets and these includes both Italian and foreigners. For a example an Italian member for a Christian group has given his life to Christ as a result of the missions operations in that region. Another immense achievement is in the area of giving a spiritual advice to those who are drug addicted and the prostitutes who finds themselves on the road as a result of lack of document to work in government and private firms. This became possible as a result of the Missions constant and persistent counseling given to the person who finds themselves in these situations. Thanks to the president of the association Pastor Amoah Da-Costa who is a Pastor And whose spiritual experience has gone a long way to achieve such aim. The list below shows a brief description of the mission’s achievement in its operations during its 3 years of inception.

The mission was formed by a 12 members as partners with its board of directors.

The Executive Board and the President.

    March 2000, the mission was officially inaugurated and a first fund raising was launched which yielded €2856.00

    April 2000, The mission acquired a small office in via fano,1 for its daily operations.

    June 2000, the mission was officially registered under Italian laws ONLUS and was given a full powers to operate.

    September 2001, the mission received the first group of 6 people from Napoli and Parlemo who needed a place to stay to enable them get a job at Reggio-Emilia. They wre housed at the expense of the mission for 7 months.

    February 2002, the chief of Becheam Nana Gyabour Akoto donated a 14acre land free for Rescue Mission 2000 for its future project.

    December 2002, First food items to Ghana were sent by the association from Italy to Ghana for the orphanage and the poor.

    April 2003, Second food items in a container full were sent to Ghana to the Becheam orphanage. The associations pursue a rescue activity when it donated and catered for 2 orphans who lost their father in a terrible accident and got themselves seriously in coma. The mission took upon itself travelling a distance of about 60kms daily to the hospital to offer assistance to these sisters in dare need of physical, mentally, financially, and spiritual support. They later received a wheel chair as a gift from the association.

    December 2003, Food items sent to Botswana near South Africa in a small town called Tloweng. In all these operations the mission has been funding from its own resources made by the standing members of the association and now seeking support from individuals, companies and other charitable organizations to come and donate to assist the missions operations. You may save a soul for your wonderful support. Donate generously through the missions account.