Rescue Mission 2000 has set up a goal to arrive in a 5 year project plan.


Rescue Mission 2000 has set up a goal to arrive in a 5 years plan project. The major project and the most pressing need of the association is to start the construction of the orphanage home, a school and a hospital on the 14 acres land that has been a free gift by the chief of Becheam nana Gyeabour Akoto.

The targeted area is Becheam in the Brong-Ahafo region of Ghana from Kumasi on your way to Suyani. The town Becheam is located at a vantage point and therefore the project especially the schools and the hospitals will serve all the areas like Nkoranza, Mbem; Mancranso and Tepa where medical facilities are scarce.

The mission will also use part of the 14acres land meant for the construction projects to develop a farm/agricultural venture so that the mission can in future be self-sufficient in the supply of food items to the school and the hospitals. See pictures below.

On human resources development Rescue Mission 2000 has plans to execute programs to meet training and development needs of under-privileged and also provides counseling service to help alleviate the high tendencies of unwanted pregnancies in the youth of school going age and to reduce the high risk of drug addiction.

Statistics in these areas indicate that 4 out of 10 children becomes drop out from school as results of unwanted pregnancies in the youth. This is as a result of parents in the region mostly farmers who cannot meet the high rate of school fees for their wards.

Rescue mission will therefore provide a free education institution that can cater for those in need especially orphans and disables.

The opening of the school attached to the orphanage home will help boast education in rural areas where residents walks for more than 3kms. a day before getting to an education center for a formal elementary education. It is in this direction that the Mission donated books and stationary worth €2000.00 to the Bechem district council for distribution to JSS schools in the district.

The construction of these homes, schools, and hospitals is estimated to cost about €70,000.00 and it is estimated to cover a period of 5 years to complete.

This estimate will include a pipe borne water hole to supply with portable drinking water, the school, the hospital and the orphanage home a good and a 20 room’s complex to house some of the staffs at the hospitals like the doctors, and teachers of the orphanage school.

The cost will also include a farm land for agriculture purposes to serve the daily needs of the school and the hospital so as to reduce the high cost of purchasing food items in the region to supply the daily needs of the school.

Another project at hand is going to the aid of the Korle-Bu hospital (Children’s Ward) where a large percentage of children that are hospitalized don’t have a bed to sleep on, lack of bed sheets and basic necessities like food, drugs and clothing whiles in admission.

The Dilapidated state of the Children’s ward of the Korle-Bu hospital in Ghana.

The Mission is to rehabilitate the ward at the cost of €70,000.00

It is sad to note that the medical facilities in some of these third world countries are so poor that people are found dead in the hands of their families with a little cureable disease before they could be taken to hospital. The children ward of the hospital is to be adopted and rehabilitated by Rescue mission 2000, new floor tiles are to be installed, new toilet and bath facilities put in place, and painting of this wards and the Padiatras rooms.